August 27, 2009

Why I Want to be President of the Greatest Nation in the World

I don't. Nobody should want that job. It's like being the guy who sits on the little seat over the shark tank, waiting for kids to hit the target with the ball and drop him in the water. Except the handholds that he uses to climb back to the seat are greased - so he spends the whole day in the tank. With the sharks.

No, I feel a responsibility - nay, a duty - as a citizen of the US to do what I can to make this country a better place. All my life I've watched Presidents renege on their campaign promises and make stupid decisions and propose programs that were downright ludicrous. They've lied to, cheated & stolen from their own people. They've abandoned their ethics and morals. Or, in what may be the worst case, done absolutely nothing to better the lives of the citizens who put them there.

I want to be President so I can inject a healthy dose of common sense into the office. So I can for God's sake get government spending under control before we are bankrupt. To place the federal government's focus where it belongs: on the home front.  

If I were President I'd:

  • Protect Social Security and Medicaid.
  • Withdraw troops from friendly countries and put that money into intelligence operations.
  • Get us the hell out of the Middle East and everywhere else we don't belong.
  • Shut out illegal aliens and severely restrict legal immigration.
  • Put Congress to work repealing laws that invade the privacy and rights of our citizens.
  • Give power back to the individual states.
  • Implement a flat tax to replace the current, incomprehensible income tax structure.
  • Do away with lobbyists, forcing members of Congress to listen to their constituents instead.
  • Surround myself with advisors who can see the long-range, big picture.  (Mostly academics, I'd imagine.  If they'd take the jobs.)

That's just where I'd start. I'd hopefully do a lot more than that. But those are my pet projects. What I actually do would be dictated by what the people of the United States want done.  

There's no way I'd ever get elected. A white female with no legal degree and no political experience, who's also Bipolar? I can hear the gales of laughter now.

Oh well, we can do what we've always done: hope the government will straighten itself out. Or we can help them do it. How?


It's that simple.

Paid for by Lisa L. Owens for President, an imaginary not-for-profit organization made up of fictitious supporters and funded solely by fictitious citizens and not by any business, corporation, or political party.

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