January 20, 2010

Haiti's Other Casualties

To recap what we already know:  the human death toll in Haiti continues to rise with today's aftershock.  Experts predict there could be one or more yet to come.  We're all familiar with (and appalled by) the devastation.  Aid has been mobilized from several nations, including our own.  

Most of that aid focuses on the people of that small island nation, as it should.  But what about Haiti's silent sufferers?  I'm talking about the animals.  Not just pets - livestock and wildlife, too.  Who will help them survive this disaster?

Well, me, for one.  There's no federal aid for animals in disaster areas.  The only help available comes from animal welfare charities and volunteers.  Today I donated cash since I can't get down there myself.  And believe me - if I could, I'd go down and help.  

Without relief efforts a very large number of Haiti's livestock will die.  Without this precious food resource the people of Haiti could starve.  Follow my logic?  

So please, consider donating to animal rescue efforts.  If you don't know who to give to, try visiting The Animal Rescue Site.  There's a link right there on the front page.  

And say a few prayers for everybody down there, would you?

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