February 03, 2010

Is it Hypocrisy? Socialism and Social Security Disability

President Obama's attempts to turn America into a socialist country are terrifying. The climate is right for such a change - it feeds into our society's sense of entitlement. I've read over and over lately how the vast majority of our youth (and a good bit of Generation Y) believe that our society owes them: owes them a job, an education, material possessions, owes them whatever they need or want. Most of them don't believe they should have to put forth much if any effort for what they get (hence the word "entitlement").

So much has been written about this lately that I don't really need to get into it here. And I don't want to, either. It infuriates me.

Moving on.

In 2008 one in five citizens had some form of disability, including me. I'm arguably one of the luckier ones. My disability is a mental illness which gives me some hope of eventually getting better, unlike those who have permanent physical disabilities. For the purposes of this article I'm defining the disabled as those of us who draw Social Security Disability income.

Is Social Security Disability a socialist program? Of course it is - it's called "Social" Security. And I'm vehemently against socialism. So, because my main source of income is from Disability, does that make me a hypocrite?

I think that it does. And although I didn't ask to get sick, and I'm doing my best to find a job that I can keep, and I'm an entrepreneur as well, I still rely on that Disability money to pay the bills. I can't see any other way to keep food in our mouths and a roof over our heads.

What do you think? Am I a hypocrite? Or is it OK for me to tell myself that the socialist programs already in place are OK - but no new ones are allowed? Where is the line between helping those who truly can't help themselves and providing for those who could?

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