September 07, 2009

Three-Quarters of the Way to Heaven

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One of the Christian concepts that has always fascinated me is Heaven.  I've fantasized throughout my life about what Heaven would be like.  Of course it would have all the people and things that I like, and none that I don't.  That's a given.  But lately I've been reading a lot about personal happiness.  I've decided that, since this is my only chance, I want to create my own heaven right here right now.  Is it possible?  Well, not according to the criteria I set above.  But I can come close:

  • I can surround myself with people I like and cut loose those I don't like. Whenever possible.
  • I can watch whatever movies I want.
  • I can learn to love myself, forgive myself and be patient with myself.
  • I can keep my house as neat and clean as I want.  Or not.
  • I can gain satisfaction from helping others.
  • I can choose not to wear makeup and a bra.
  • I can work towards financial goals that will help me achieve my heaven-on-earth, like saving money to buy a small farm where I can have more animals and a bigger garden.
  • I can run around barefoot even if my heels crack and dirt gets under my toenails.
  • I can let go of past failures that cause me pain today.
  • I can love thunderstorms even if people think that's weird.
  • I can make amends to those I've hurt in the past and find peace knowing I tried even if I'm not forgiven.
  • I can wear socks with sandals.
  • I can accept my disability and be comforted by the knowledge that I'm doing everything in my power to get better.
  • I can spoil my animals rotten.
  • I can practice random acts of kindness, and learn to accept kindness in return.
  • I can eat junk at the fair and ride the rides 'til I puke (though I've only puked once).
  • I can forgive those who have hurt me and let go of that pain.
  • I can act a fool in Walmart, playing with the toys and riding the shopping cart to my car.
  • I can do things that will make the world a better place even if only in small ways, such as going "green", getting involved in my community and keeping a sharp eye on the government (and making my voice heard).
  • I can eat chocolate.  In moderation.
  • I can contribute to causes and charities I deem worthy, whether it be by financial contributions or donating my time.
  • I can cook fabulous meals.  Or not.
  • And finally, I can love my husband with my heart, body, soul and mind.  And be loved in return.

According to that last criteria, I'm three-quarters of the way to Heaven already.  

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